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Meet The 20 Year Old Girl Who Made $1 Million In 8 Minutes During The Pandemic

Ever heard of someone make a mouthwatering sum of $1 million in 8 short minutes? In Nigerian naira, that amount today equates to #479 million

Well, meet the owner of Moonx Cosmetics who hit such ground breaking records in 8 short minutes.

On May 1st, 2020; the 20 year old entrepreneur shook the e-commerce space and the internet at large with the new record she broke. On the said date, she shared a video revealing how she made sales totaling over $1 million dollars in 8 minutes during the pandemic. The video has since been viewed by over 1 million viewers.

The 20 year old is an entrepreneur who sells vegan skincare. She sold her skincare products on the Shopify platform and has been selling on the platform for over 4 years.

She also revealed that that was not the first $1 million dollars she had ever made but she chose to share that feat with the internet that day. Just last month(July), she hinted that she made an extra $2 million in sales which sold out again this time in 21 minutes.

On her personal Twitter page, she revealed that she plans to become a billionaire(in dollars) before the end of 2020. We wish her good luck of course, achieving such a huge feat.

She started her business with her family members as her team members who help her to manage her customer care, package, label and ship her goods out in time.

Her business being able to yield her such huge amounts of gain is proof of how effective her skin products are. Many of her customers have since shared photos as testimonials to how effective her products are. Take a look at some.

I hope this story helps inspire us youth to work hard and not rest on our laurels. It is also important to note that although she was an overnight success, she had been consistent in her business for over 4 years before she started seeing such remarkable results; which is a gentle reminder that Consistency is key to great success.

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