Coronavirus Cases Passes Half A Million Cases Worldwide, Death Toll Hits 28,000

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide topped 600,000 early Saturday, as the death toll shot over 28,000. The total stood at 607,965 as the sun rose on the East Coast after a surge of cases were reported in Europe.

Total deaths reported rose to 28,125.

The US on Friday became the first country to report more than 100,000 cases, with 46,094 of those in New York State.

The total nationwide stood at 104,837 early Saturday, according to Johns Hopkins University’s virus tracker.

However, five countries have reported more than the 1,711 deaths recorded in the 50 states: Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France.

In Italy about 86,500 people have been confirmed with COVID-19, and 9,134 have died, the highest total for any country.

Most countries in Europe are under some kind of lockdown.

Like New York City’s overburdened hospitals, the healthcare systems of Italy, Spain and France are buckling under the strain of the wave of cases.

Source: New York Post

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