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Bbnaija: Tolani Holds Intimate Convo With Prince, Accuses Him Of Choosing Nengi

Prince had always had his eyes on Ndngi but finally decided to step back after realizing Nengi was playing games and switching between him and Ozo who is also interested on her.

Well, Prince seems to have seen a headway with Tolanibaj and would want to shoot her shot after realizing that Nengi is apparently playing games with him.

Tolani Baj and fellow housemate, Prince, recently had a heart-to-heart talk, she spoke about her feelings for him and how he’d have to put in the work if he also wanted her to be his woman.

She reminded him of how she once opened up to him about her feelings and he turned her down because of Nengi.
She made mention of his obsession with Nengi and how he always stared at her.

Speaking to Prince while sitting pretty on his lap, Tolanibaj outlined her terms and conditions which he must observe and act on if he wants to have her as his life partner.

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