Stray Bullets Hits 2 Youngsters As Customs, Petrol Smugglers Clash At Seme Border

Stray bullets have hit two youngsters during a confrontation between customs men and petrol smugglers at Seme border in Lagos State.

On Friday, Hunsu Taiwo, 12, and Ganjo Henry, 10 were hit by the stray bullets as they were playing in Sokenu Compound of Seme.

However, the two injured youngsters survived after being treated at the Customs Clinic at Seme border.

Hussaini Abdullahi, Customs spokesperson confirmed the incident saying the two boys were hit by stray bullets at the back and ankle during a confrontation with crooks who were trying to smuggle pertol to Benin republic.


“On Friday, July 3, at about 5p.m, a joint patrol team of command, based on credible intelligence went on an operation along Seme Carpenter village and identified a hideout used by some unpatriotic elements to stockpile petrol for onward smuggling to Benin Republic.

“In an effort to evacuate the said item from the scene, some unscrupulous elements launched a vicious attack and aggressively advanced towards the scene of the seizure with assorted dangerous weapons with a desirous effort to set the place ablaze.

“Considering the volatility of the seized items and the fact that all efforts short of using force to halt the mob from advancing towards the scene proved abortive, officers were left with no option than to use their firearms in order to defend themselves and avoid the envisaged catastrophe.

“However, verifiable information later received indicated that two young innocent boys were injured by stray bullets at back and ankle”

“This gave room for prompt treatment of the patients at Customs facility and were consequently discharged strictly based on medical advice.

“On this note, the command wish to register its unreserved displeasure with this unfortunate incident.

“As a responsible and responsive service, we are working round the clock to partner with the family by providing all the necessary support to cushion the effect of this tragedy,

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